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How do I schedule?

We have what many of our clients have called the "easiest scheduling system ever"! No login required, simple to see any and all availabilities for any service you'd like. Click HERE to access it right now!

What first-time service should I choose?: 

One way to decide what service you'd like is to check out how long it takes. You can see our list of services and their descriptions (you can click on More Info next to each) here. You might like just a free Miscellaneous check-in appointment to tweak your routine or learn about products options, or you might want an actual service.  

Is there any downtime after a skin care service?

If you get extractions you may have some little marks for a few days, but you'll be warned beforehand if we think that might be the case. The glycolic treatment we might do during a skin care service is very mild though, and unless you've been using a prescription retinoid or been in the sun (these things might make you more sensitive), you could go straight to a party afterward! You'll have a nice glow, which is the point.

Do you dye eyelashes? 

Not right now, but we may offer that service soon!

What is a brow tint and how long does it last?

A brow tint richens up your color, covers grays and is matched to you specifically. We can create just about any color you'd like. Expect it to last 3-4 weeks.

What SPF should I choose?

We focus on lightweight, super-wearable formulas, and we have both physical and chemical block options. Most of our options are available only in the shop, so it might be best to schedule a Miscellaneous appointment if you're unsure.

What's my skin type?

Your skin "type" is probably an over-simplification! Most people have drier and oilier areas on their face, and oiliness and dryness levels can change with monthly hormonal changes as well as seasonally. That said, you could decide whether you lean drier or oilier and whether you're prone to breakouts or not, and that's how we've organized the website and product pages.  

What do the different acids you use do?

We use 4 active acids in our products and each has a unique effect on skin. Glycolic acid dissolves dead skin, so it's perfect for gentle surface-level exfoliation. Mandelic acid is great for its pore-clearing action for deeper exfoliation. Lactic acid dissolves keratin, so it works well for people prone to little hard, white bumps. Finally, azelaic acid has excellent anti-bacterial properties and is nice for helping prevent and treat breakouts.

In what order do I use my products?

Check out our handy skin-care guide to see how to arrange your various products.

What products are best for breakout-prone skin?

Check out these options, which are all appropriate because they either help prevent and treat breakouts, or won't trigger them.

What is a good beginner skincare routine?

Here are our suggestions for a basic skin care routine. 

Can you match a lipstick I have?

We can! We do it all the time! Just schedule a private lipstick session and we'll match it up and if you agree it's just right, we'll pour it in our molds and make extra then name the color after YOU!

Do you make makeup other than lipstick?

We do, we're always coming up with new options! For now, our custom color appointments are limited to lipsticks, glosses and lip stains, but we hope soon to have appointments for other custom makeup products. Check back in with us on that!

I'm concerned about using glass, do you have plastic alternatives?

Totally understandable. We use glass because it's so much better than plastic for the environment (see this blog post about that), but we understand with travel and in the shower and with kids plastic is safer. So, we have "travel" sizes in plastic for most of our skin care.

Are you products natural/organic?

We use some natural and organic ingredients if they're non-irritating and safe. We don't subscribe to the philosophy that "natural" is inherently safe or more effective, though. Many natural ingredients trigger irritation, breakouts and cause skin to age prematurely. Safe synthetics exist, and we use the ones that deliver great results without the irritation potential. We're all about science and safety--not into fearmongering and oversimplification, we respect our clients too much for that. So even though it's trendy and makes for nice marketing copy to say "all-natural," we have to keep it real with our clients and not pander. The science of skin care is so interesting, and we're here to explain and demonstrate that. We do stick to European ingredient standards in all the products we make at the shop, though, and keep up with the latest research.

Are your products good for sensitive skin?

Our products are designed for sensitive skin, that's our default. All products in our line, even those with active ingredients, are meant to be able for even sensitive skin to use at least once a day. Hardier skin types can use some of the active ingredients 2 or more times a day. We're here to help you design your ideal skin care routine, but we also hope it is an intuitive process so you can customize your routine for your schedule, current skin type and seasonal changes. Click here to see some of our products that even the most sensitive should do great with.