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Have you ever gotten your eyebrows waxed into oblivion and felt really sad about that? Learn to trust again, because that's not how it goes here at Beauty Ethics. A full, natural-looking shape can be yours.

The goal is always to have it look like you haven't just had your brows done, just like they're neater, symmetrical, and gorgeous. Shaping is achieved primarily with tweezers but gentle wax can be applied to "fuzzies" on the lid (or for most of the shaping if you're tweezer-intolerant!).

Feel like you have no brows to work with? You might be surprised. We can always tint them to give the optical illusion of fullness and fill in sparse, sun-bleached, or grey areas. Plus, you can even try temporary eyebrow extensions to fill in gaps and add bulk! Anything is possible!!!

Schedule an eyebrow appointment with BE, and believe in brow magic!