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Skin Care Guide

BE Skin Care=Simple and Easy to Use!

BE Skin Care is safe, free of irritants and provides proven, gentle actives for noticeably improved skin in a short amount of time. Create your ideal routine with this user-friendly product grid and guide, which provides basic instructions for each product and their ideal order of use. 

Our Cleansing Gel works for all skin types and we suggest using it as the first step in your routine at least twice daily (morning and night). Our other products fall into the categories of exfoliant, treatment, serum or moisturizer. The following grids will help you choose which ones might be right for you. You can use more than one product from any category. Customize your regimen and tailor it to the season or even the time of the month (you might be oilier or drier depending on these things). Want to simplify your routine? You can also choose a Skin Care Bundle based on your overall needs and supplement from there.





When to Apply

It’s helpful to think of using products in order of their density. For example, after cleansing, you would sweep on liquid exfoliant products, follow with treatment products, then serums, then moisturizers. In the daytime, your very last step before makeup should be a product with SPF.


Where to Apply

Certain products are meant for use over the entire face, including around the eyes. Others help reduce oil production, and therefore not recommended for use around the eyes or on drier areas of the face. All products may be used on neck and body. Cleansing is recommended twice or more daily, but all other ingredients may be used once or twice daily, depending on your skin’s needs. See each product's page (click on its name) for a more detailed description.

How to Apply

Cleansing Gel

Apply dime-sized amount of cleanser on palms, combine with cool water, then gently massage onto face and neck. Rinse well with cool water, then pat dry with a clean cloth.

Glycolic Glow

Apply to a cotton pad and sweep over entire face, including under-eye area, to exfoliate dead skin.

Pore Perfector

Apply to a cotton pad, sweep over areas prone to clogged pores, avoiding under-eye area and drier places.

Smoothing Solution

Apply to a cotton pad, sweep over areas prone to milia and inflammation, avoiding under-eye area and drier places.

Five Factor Gel

Apply to areas prone to excess oil production and inflammation, avoiding under-eye area

Spot Solver

Apply to areas prone to breakouts, avoiding under-eye area

Serum A

Apply to areas of the face with fine lines and/or breakout-prone areas up to twice daily

Serum B

Apply to entire face (in particular hyper-pigmented areas), avoiding under eye area

Serum C

Apply to entire face, including under-eye area, focusing on sun-damaged and dull/dry areas. It's fine to mix this in with moisturizers for easier application and/or Serum A for an antioxidant cocktail.

Moisture Serum

Apply to entire face, including under-eye area

Moisture Milk

Apply to entire face, including under-eye area

Moisture Plus (coming soon!)

Apply to entire face, including under-eye area. This product may be applied alone or mixed with other serums and moisturizers


No skin care routine is complete without sun protection. Your last step in the morning should always be a broad-spectrum SPF. Click HERE for our recommendations

How to Choose

For further help customizing your routine, you can always schedule a skin care consultation! Click HERE to schedule