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You Can Wear Color!

Posted by Julie Hafer on

 play it safe with my makeup most days, even as I switch it up a little. I'm just a neutral kind of chick, and I embrace that. But there are days when I need a pop of color to lift my mood. But how do I do that without looking like high school me in the 90's, who matched eyeshadow to her headbands? 

Here are three ways I use color surreptitiously, in a grownup way, so it's not the first thing people see when they look at me:

1) The bold lipstick rubbed off method

Easy as it sounds! I take a crazy (for me) color and apply it like a toddler would (I mean with that kind of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, I do stay inside the lip line). Then I rub it off. Then I apply a tiny bit of gloss. Thus, I have created a stain, a bit of brightness shyly peaking out. I get lots of compliments on this look and people will ask what color I'm wearing. Then I have to explain the method, and sometimes they seem confused, but it's so easy to do, just try it please! 

2) The small eyeliner brush dabbed across a neutral eyeliner method

Also as easy as it sounds. I do my makeup like I'd normally do it, then go in with my fun color (let's say turquoise just to be super wild), and only apply the smallest amount right at the upper outer part of my lash line. If I bat my lashes at someone that day or look down demurely, they'll see it. Otherwise they won't notice very much but my eyes might just seems more "interesting." Goal accomplished.

3) The fluffy brush dip then blend into crease method

A bit less easy because you have to have the right brush (fluffy keeps the shadow soft) and be committed to blending and finding your crease, but I have faith in you. It's best to choose a light bright or medium bright shade for this, not a dark one. There's a light purple shade I like a lot because it's so bright in the case but then on the eye it's so subtle. That's my go to crease shade when I'm feeling craaaazy. And literally no one notices when I'm wearing it, but I know! And that's what counts. I am undercover with my boldness. 

So there it is. Some of you rock bright pink lips all day every day, and it's amazing. I salute you. I sometimes wish I were an extrovert because it seems fun. For those of us whose closets are a sea of grays, navys and the occasional striped shirt, the above makeup tips will make you feel a little more sassy when you're in the mood.

Have fun:)


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