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Wake Up! Make Up

Posted by Julie Hafer on

Happy Monday. It's rainy, and let's pretend you didn't sleep well. That's my constant burden. I slept okay last night for me, I guess, but I did have weird dreams. One particularly stressful thing where I was trying to return a drink dispenser to a friend, but it had missing parts and other parts that clearly went to OTHER drink dispensers of a different brand but they were all clear plastic. Don't ask me how my mind works or why it seized on this. Anyway, when you're looking a little worse for wear in the mornings and worry about how you'll make a good impression on others, it's time for WAKEUP MAKEUP.

My WAKEUP MAKEUP consists of things that will conceal and distract from my tiredness. First, a luminizer. Pictured here is a bronzy luminizer to deal with the inevitable pallor I get when I've had some insomnia. It's a sheer shimmer, and when mixed with my regular Tinted Primer it just gives some glow and light reflection. Then Concealer, yes, that's obvious. But painting on quite a bit under the eyes in a V pattern using a concealer brush for precision (aim for the darkest areas, don't go all over the under-eye or you'll make yourself puffy) is such a game changer. Then pat in gently with fingers to blend.

Next, you see that very bright blush? It's a great way to add color to a wan, sleepy countenance, but just be careful. Pat off the excess onto your wrist or palm before applying it to the apples of your cheeks so it doesn't go on too bright. Then blend the excess of the brush all over your entire face (including under your eyes so you get rid of the overly light area from concealer) and neck (so you don't have a two-toned face/neck situation).

A bright lipstick will really distract from tired eyes, and I love my Melon colored one in the photo. But the black eyeliner is critical, too! I smudge it in so it's not too harsh, though. Just not super smudgy because I need a crisp look for my blah days. Black conceals eye-rim redness better than brown. And don't skimp on mascara!

So, you see, you can fake awake when you need to! And gradually you will wake up as you get moving. And every time you pass the mirror, no matter how tired you feel, your face will tell another story and pretty soon you'll believe it. Save the subtle looks for your wide awake days. Wakeup Makeup will get you through the rest:)


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