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Three Mascara Woes + Their Solutions!

Posted by Julie Hafer on

There are certain woes I (and clients have told me they also) have, and I'd like to go over them briefly. Then I will present to you solutions, and then your life will be better and eyes will be prettier. This is such a great blog, and I am so helpful!

Woe 1: Clumps

These are the worst. My guess is you're buying volumizing mascara :( I don't love those because they just guarantee clumps, and I guarantee the volume you're achieving isn't something people believe to be related to your actual lashes. Everyone is just seeing clumps! My solution is to buy a buildable mascara (like ours:) and put several coats of THAT on instead. Also, have a spoolie brush on hand to declump if all the building results in a few stuck together lashes.

Woe 2: Eye Irritation

Make sure your mascara has zero perfume (most have some, which is crazy! but it's in there to make you not realize when it's gone bad, more on that...) and make sure you're not keeping it more than 3 months maximum. That means you shouldn't be spending $30 for one, sorry:( Or do! But truly, I wouldn't. And finally, make sure you remove it well at night. Even a little mascara stuck to your lashes can make your eyes bloodshot in the morning.

Woe 3: Smudging!

This may be the biggest complaint I hear from people, because the other two for some reason people just deal with or don't realize are avoidable. But smudging is actually related to both clumps (those things melt, you know) and not removing mascara well before you've applied more.It's also going to happen to people who apply it to their lower lashes. I used to advocate for just not doing this because it can look so spidery and is hard to get right. But, I've softened my stance. If you apply it there lightly and declump, and give it a little sweep of your finger underneath so it's not too perfect looking, I'm okay with it! And I'd recommend using a waterproof mascara if you're going to be wearing it a few hours. I'd suggest this one because it gets great reviews and they don't test on animals (L'Oréal, Lancôme, Maybelline, Clinique, Bobbi Brown all DO, just FYI): 

So, there you go!:) Go do up your eyes and wink at people, you now know the main mascara secrets! But if you're totally over mascara, you can also try lash extensions... :o And I'll write a post about those next, because there are obviously woes (but oh so many rewards, too!) associated with those. 


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