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The Time has Come to Imbue BE with Extreme Frenchness

Posted by Julie Hafer on

It's not just about the perfect cat eye or the perfect bold lip -- although we will certainly cover these.

In French BEauty School, you will learn the concept of "soignée," which refers to an essential aspect of French beauty: looking cared for. Really, it's just all about how to honor yourself and approach beauty with a sort of élan I find missing in the American approach. I feel Americans are more on the punitive side, must cover every perceived "flaw." In France flaws are more celebrated, looking "perfect" is not the goal. Looking like you love yourself--that is the ultimate in French beauty achievement! 

And so I've decided to start a fun little class about all this and see how it goes. It will be a hybrid makeup/ skincare class and French lesson/cheese snacking and wine sipping class! I will not lecture you about the intricacies of French grammar, I WILL teach you beauty-related vocab and how to pronounce things correctly though. I used to tutor French and I promise I am qualified to do so!

French inspired painting of colorful womanAlso, as far as teaching French style, for the past few years now I've been making little yearly pilgrimages to France and paying super close (not overly creepy, I don't think) attention to French style so I think I can give you an informed opinion on that.

If you're interested, sign up to join us at French BEauty School! It's going to be informal and fun, and the structure will not be so linear that you have to attend every one, but there will be a progression of sorts. If there's enough interest I'll open up more slots but for now I'm starting with an intimate group limited to 10 per class. Bring friends! Mondays 5:30-6:30, $25 per person. 

Merci pour votre attention, 2019 is going to be superbe!


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