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Lash Extensions: Pros and Cons

Posted by Julie Hafer on

I'll just start with the Cons right off the bat!:

  • They aren't cheap. Accent lashes at our shop are $95, and a full set is $120. 
  • The first two days you want to avoid getting them wet, which is a hassle for some people 
  • And IS just one more thing in your beauty routine!!! How high maintenance do you want to BE?:)

Now for the Pros

  • Once you get them on, you can just go in for less expensive "touch-up" appointments, which range from $15-$65 depending how long you wait
  • After a couple days of the adhesive setting they stay on quite well! 3-4 weeks! And you can just live your life. No mascara, wake up looking glamorous and put together, no smudges under your eyes halfway through the day, no clumps. You just rinse them at night with an oil-free cleanser (Brittany has these for you)
  • Mascara simply can't achieve the length and lift that extensions supply. So if you have short, stumpy/straight lashes (raises hand), you're going to love how your eyes look in extensions

Other concerns include: "I have sensitive eyes! I'm terrified of glue near my lashes!" Yeah, totally a legit fear. I can just say, as a sensitive-eyed person, the medical grade adhesive doesn't bother meand the lashes themselves feel weightless--more so than mascara. I know other sensitive-eyed people and they say the same thing, they're surprised at how they forget they're wearing them. If you DO have an allergy to the glue, it shows up immediately so Brittany (our master lash stylist who has been doing this for years, with no such incident yet) would just stop and remove them right away and the reaction would subside as soon as it's off.

Oh, also people ask me what happens when they start to come off. You have choices! You can let them fall off, and they will, gradually, and it doesn't look weird if you just start doing mascara on them after a certain point (that's what I do if I don't have time for a touch-up). Or, you can get touch-ups. OR you can schedule a removal appointment.

I hope that answers all your questions and concerns about extensions! I myself am into them, mostly because I have such short lashes and I don't like taking a long time to get ready. They make me feel purty :) I HAVE been to places though where I leave looking scary...and I know you've seen those people and they might have made you super afraid of extensions!

If you come to BE for your lashes, you will look fab, that is a given. Scary is simply not the BE aesthetic. Brittany is no novice, and she can make your extensions as undetectable or as glam as you wish. They will NOT be wonky and weird like some peoples', having you look like spiders have taken up residence on your lids, haha. That is the BE guarantee! So, come try them? Schedule your's now--or don't!!  Maybe don't get into it haha because yeah, it's another thing. But do consider them for an event maybe?? :) I have a feeling you'll be quite pleased...


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