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In a Perfect World, I Would Not Have a Skin Care Business

Posted by Julie Hafer on


1) Skin care is health care and I believe health care should be free

2) Skin care should not be the industry it is -- run by people who (cynically or innocently) peddle products whose ingredients are designed for sensory appeal but not for an ORGAN, the body's largest, and most sensitive

Glass packaging for Beauty Ethics skin care productsI will explain further. Imagine you had an irregular heartbeat and were concerned about it. Would you go online and see what a teenage blogger with no medical expertise thought was the best option for you? Would you ingest a pill for your heart that smelled like strawberries and had sparkles on it? I think not.

Then why, oh why, do we treat our skin that way? Why do we ignore the fact that the skin's function is to protect us from the environment, so it is therefore necessarily super sensitive? Some skin types are more or less sensitive, but all skin is sensitive or it would serve no purpose.

Skin does not enjoy change, and if it perceives change (i.e., threat), it will become reactive. You'll notice more redness, dryness, oiliness, rashes--irritation is the language of the skin. And guess what? SKIN HATES FRAGRANCE. That is a change it is ready and willing to protect you from, and whether your skin is a quiet or loud talker, you're going to get the message either eventually or right away.

Some people might say well, no worries, I'm using "clean" and "natural" products. You should still worry! Essential oils, which are rampant in "natural" products, are just as bad as synthetic fragrance. Your skin doesn't understand the difference. Plants produce good-smelling chemicals to attract bugs so they can reproduce, but volatile chemical oils to repel us from picking them. So, your skin is QUITE likely to react to plant-based products, much more so than non-volatile synthetics.

Skin also hates temperature extremes. You're being so mean to it when you put hot and cold water on it. It's quite cruel, and you should expect some pushback. Why are your capillaries all surfaced and broken? You've likely been staring up at the hot water in the shower, blissfully unaware that heat swells those capillaries and once they burst there's nothing you can do to improve their appearance other than go get an expensive laser treatment.

And finally, skin is especially irked by your rubbing and scrubbing and abusive stretching. Want a massage, great, go get one on your feet or back, but please stop stretching the delicate elastin fibers on your face. We can stimulate collagen in various ways but once elastin is broken, it's broken, so use what I call "baby touch" when washing your face and applying products. Ditch the washcloths and scrubby brushes--a good cleanser will be just fine lightly massaged on with your fingertips, your hands to splash it off and a gentle cloth patting to dry. Rubbing stimulates oil glands to overproduce, leading to breakouts. You can exfoliate in a different way! Glycolic acid, for example, knows the difference between live and dead skin cells and only gets the dead. 

I hope this perspective will help your skin forevermore and you will be better friends going forward.




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  • Bravo. What a great read, Julie. My eyes are opened, my capillaries are thanking you.

    Ashleigh on

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