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How to Win Against Sugar Chin

Posted by Julie Hafer on

You can’t win with the chin! That’s a little saying I have. I don’t actually (100%) believe it, It just rhymes nicely. What I do believe is that it’s a hard battle, physiologically and psychologically, to win against the chin. Especially psychologically.

To illustrate, I present you with a question:

How much do your chin breakouts bother you? Scale of 1-10? To get a sense of that, consider…

- How often you obsess over your chin in the course of a given day

- How often you avoid eye contact because of a huge cyst or a rash around your mouth

- How often your eyes zoom straight to your chin when you look in the mirror

- How often you wake up and immediately touch your chin, feeling, in fear, around for new bumps that appeared overnight

It’s terrible, right?? It takes up a lot of your time, the chin hating. The frustration, the feeling that IT’S JUST NOT FAIR

The WHYs of it also vex…

- Why won’t products work??

- Why isn’t all the money you’ve spent making a difference?

- Why do prescriptions start to work then fail?

So maybe, if you considered these things, you’d rate your chin breakouts 10/10 on the scale of bothersome

BUT, if I told you there might be a dietary fix for chin breakouts, then I told you what it was, you might be like

“Um…I guess my chin doesn’t bother me that much?”

It’s so funny how the brain works. Because what I tell people can really help their chin makes them face an addiction that’s very strong:

SUGAR. The beast.

Sugar is the enemy of the chin. In all forms: regular sugar, sweet fruits, simple starches (looking at you potatoes, white rice, all bread), milk sugars (basically dairy that’s not hard cheese). <sigh> The delicious things, it's true.

We crave sugar because our GI tract is composed of bacteria and yeast that thrive off it. Especially yeast, and that’s what’s going on with a lot of people’s chins! That’s why anti-acne products won’t touch it. Anti-acne ingredients fight bacteria but not yeast. All those little tiny bumps that never come to a head? Those are yeasty bumps, perioral (because it's around the mouth, but it can creep up to near the nose too) dermatitis. Yeast LOVES the chin because of the moisture from around the mouth! It can burrow its little filaments in best there, and the cozy oil and thick skin, oooo buddy. You’re going to have trouble evicting yeast tenants once they’ve taken up residence. The only way to get them to leave is to starve them out.

That means not providing them sugar. Some dermatologists believe a low glycemic diet can treat perioral dermatitis just as well as, if not better than antibiotics. Many people would prefer to just get that rx, I know. And that's certainly an option. I just think we should try natural methods first, because they can work, and you won't be throwing off your GI flora. Plus, perioral dermatitis is notorious for returning, so even if you take an antibiotic, if you go back to your sweet tooth ways the vicious cycle will begin anew.

Take heart though, your brain and body only require 48 hours of no sugar in order for you to stop craving it. That's not so bad is it? After two days of being very strict with your diet, the yeast and excess bacteria will die off some and stop yelling as loudly at you to consume more. Your chin will get better. The reward will be worth it! Once you re-set, you'll realize how much better a lower-carb life is generally.  Simple carbs make you moody, they make you crash, make your hormones go nuts (which is obviously bad for breakouts), they're associated with an increased risk of heart disease, etc. It's just not worth it to have them except for occasionally, and in small quantities. Your body can deal with that. But every time you have sugar, you'll notice your skin looks a little worse the next day. Nothing like a superficial reason for avoiding something that's not great for your body;)

Beauty "Ethics" require I not just tell you products alone will fix all skin problems, and they will certainly not be able to totally fix what I have affectionately begun to call “Sugar Chin.”  Avoiding irritants, heat, scrubbing, perfume, etc. will help. The products I sell at the shop can help. But in the end, Sugar Chin is sugar chin--and you CAN win.


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