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Why Does Beauty Ethics Use so Much Glass in Our Packaging?

Posted by Julie Hafer on

Well.... I know it's heavy and a bit scary, there is that. Yes, breakage has occurred. I broke a bottle just the other day, like a football player fumbling a catch, and I felt silly. Glass is breakable! For sure that is a downside.

And yet, I stand by the decision to use glass bottles for our skin care products simply because our environment is absolutely reeling from too much plastic.

Beauty Ethics store shelf with products

And that's terrifying to me, and way more terrifying than the prospect of breaking glass every now and then. We call our full-sized skin care products "countertop" products because they're meant to stay on the counter looking pretty, ready for you to use (shove them into a drawer and you're less likely to stay on top of your routine anyway;). Some people are afraid of that for the aforementioned breakage reason, but we encourage you to open your heart to glass!

To that end, let me extoll the benefits of glass over plastic:

  • Glass gets recycled into more glass! It's awesome! Glass doesn't degrade. It's a beautiful thing and it can be infinitely recycled to make more beautiful things.
  • Plastic, not so much. Sure, you can (and SHOULD) recycle plastic but... each time it gets recycled it loses quality and eventually is only good for things like...carpet padding? And we only need so much of that. Plus, a horrifyingly small percentage of plastic gets recycled anyway. It's in our landfills leaking bad chemicals into our water supply killing marine life and causing endocrine disruption. It's just got to end, we have to figure it out. Until then, I want to do whatever I can to minimize the plastic in our product line.

There are some aspects of our products where we do use plastic. Let me explain:

  • Our travel-sized bottles and shower items are plastic because that's just common sense. We hope when you're finished with them you'll recycle them! OR, we now actually can take them back from you so we can sterilize and re-use them! Just drop them off at the shop! That's actually the better thing for the environment. And guess what? WE WILL GIVE YOU A QUARTER PER TRAVEL BOTTLE YOU BRING BACK!  As if you needed an incentive! My clients are all environmentalists, but it's nice, right?
  • Our makeup components are also plastic, but we hope you'll remember to recycle those too, don't just toss them into the trashcan when you're finished. And feel free to bring those back or use our refillable compacts! That way we can keep your look fresh and pop eyeshadows, blushes and powders in and out as you need them. We like that option very much! 

And finally, let's all try to get better at making sure we're purchasing things we actually want and will use up. So often we see a celebrity promoting makeup and we just buy it without knowing for sure it will suit our skin tone. Things look great in tubes and compacts, not always on us. Then they languish in drawers, unused, unloved, and you feel guilty at the thought of throwing them away. But you eventually do, don't you? When you're ready to start over? That's just our American consumption culture, and it seriously does need to change. Also, what a waste of money, eh?

If you come in for a makeup consultation with me, I will make sure you're only purchasing (or creating - we do custom lip colors and shades of face makeup) what you'll actually use. And if you don't love it, you can bring it back for a full refund and we will either tester it out or recycle it for you.

xoxoxo, to you and the environment,


PS--If you fumble and break a glass bottle of ours take a pic and send it to us and we will give you a replacement for FREE!!! 


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