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Fun With Personalized Palettes

Posted by Julie Hafer on

Some people have an unlimited amount of time to get ready in the morning. That sounds amazing. It is not my life though. Or rather, I have other things I need to be doing besides spending an inordinate amount of time on my makeup. 

Enter the personalized makeup palette, which has saved me a lot of time on even just opening multiple cases of something. Plus, it's slim and fits in my bag really easily!

For my palette right now (I switch things up seasonally, it's super easy to pop things in and out), I've got a liner shade (gorgeous, French Navy), a lid shade (Roselle, goes with everything), and a blender shade (Rosy Tan, super classy).  All I have to do is quickly pat the liner shade at my lash line with a liner brush, use a shadow brush for the middle shade on my lower lid or crease, then take a larger blending brush to then blend all of that with my lightest shade. It takes less than a minute, and not even because I'm practiced at it. It's all about having it in one place!

For my blushes, I use the darker shade on my apples (smile! that fleshy roundness is where you put blush) then blend with the lighter shade over the rest of my face so it doesn't look like a weird round circle. I even put some under my eyes over my concealer because I can't STAND white under eyes. Looks totally unnatural. But it's inevitable if you're like me and have dark circles and need a lot of concealer, so just blend in with a blush and you'll look like a normal person.

With my powder shade, I set my t-zone and then add a little extra coverage to the rest of my face. In the middle of the day it can be a good idea to choose the Blotting Powder (seen above) as your powder shade because it's so lightweight and it'll control shine without looking like you have on lots of makeup. Even if you have a darker skin tone you can use the Blotting Powder, it's that sheer!

So there you go! If you'd like to see a makeup video with the palette, click HERE. To create your own palette, simply schedule a Makeup Lesson. I can say though, if you're sticking to your color family you can't go wrong with any of them. You will always look good, and people will marvel at you and think it took you a while to do your makeup. Only you and I will know your secret!

Happy palette creating:)


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