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Far "BE" It From Me, But...

Posted by Julie Hafer on

I don't pretend to know everything about beauty, far from it. I don't even consistently practice things I THINK I know. So, I make this blog with the intention of 1) amusing myself with the blog title and 2) putting forth my opinion but welcoming discussion. 

Because it's very irritating for me to hear so-called gurus spouting off "rules" for beauty. Who are you to say what is and isn't beautiful? Even if you've got something backed up by science (and if you do, I'm listening, that's interesting), said science could eventually be challenged and turned on its head and you'd be embarrassed, wouldn't you? 

Even if an ancient goddess granted you the dubious gift of being the arbiter of all things beautiful, you'd STILL be culturally myopic if you proclaim something "true" about beauty. Or worse! What's worse?

Maybe saying things that are currently wrong, according to science, and saying they're definitelyright. That super much upsets me, and I will be addressing it in this blog. In which case, a post like that would start: "Far be it from me, are terrible at science." And I actually wouldn't be thinking "far be it from me" in that case. 

But often I will be, because I know there are people who know more about whatever topic I chose, and that humbles me. I'm still going to put it out there, though, my thoughts, and hope they're helpful for you! I'm just going to include caveats, because...far be it from me;)


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