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Bounded Creativity = Better Makeup Outcomes

Posted by Julie Hafer on

I am pro-creativity. That said, I'd like to encourage you to give yourself some parameters to streamline your process for the sake of your sanity, and for the sake of your personal space.

You know the whole Marie Kondo thing? Let's do this to your makeup! As my friend, professional organizer extraordinaire Leah, says: "Let's get rid of the 'bad energy'!"

You know how it's depressing to look at a closet crammed with out-of-style or unworn clothes? It's the same with old, germy makeup, it just sits there looking at you accusingly. It says, why did you waste your money on me?? But you still feel bad throwing it away, don't you? At the time you bought it, it represented hope, transformation, fun. Now it represents regret. Why are there so many shades in your drawer, purse and various palettes you NEVER use?

I have a theory. I suspect it's because those colors just didn't work for you, skin tone-wise. Happens all the time. Maybe you remember back in the day at makeup parties you'd get categorized as Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall? That was fun! But perhaps confusing...? I'm going to try to make it even easier to conceptualize and stick you into one of 3 categories: Warm, Cool, or Neutral (see my blog post about this).

Once we know your color family, you can have some REAL fun, because then you know every single color option in that family will, as Marie Kondo says, "spark joy!" If you stick to your correct color family, you'll wear those shades so often you'll probably even see the bottom of the pan and be ready for some new ones by the next season! The goal is no more waste! My new website categorizes things pretty strictly. That's "bounded creativity," and it's your ticket to makeup freedom and happiness.

Custom make up palette from Beauty Ethics

You can buy makeup items individually from my website or you can schedule a Makeup Lesson with me and we can make you personalized shadow duos, trios and palettes. With these, you can create LOTS of different looks just using the shades you've chosen--natural, professional, high drama--it's super easy. Plus, once you own the case, you can change up the shades whenever you like. Every season I'll switch up my offerings for each color family so you never get bored and you always stay on trend.

Beauty Ethics custom make up palette comes with many different color and product optionsIt's your money, your face, your drawer space--you should love your makeup!!
All of it! If you choose the right colors and actually use them, you WILL, and the makeup will love you back. You will look put-together, polished and feel like yourself (and with everything neatly in one place, a less harried version for sure).An added bonus to the palette is now everything is in one place so your morning routine will be uber-efficient, and midday and pre-dinner touchups will be a breeze--it's so nicely portable. Despite how much is in there (a huge mirror, 1 powder, 2 blushes and 3 eyeshadows--everything you need for a quick makeup refresh!) the palette is thin, lightweight and takes up practically no space in your purse.

I have unbounded enthusiasm for your new makeup system!



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