Have you ever gotten your brows waxed into oblivion and felt really sad about that? Learn to trust again, because that's not how it goes here. A full, natural-looking shape can be yours. The goal is always to have it look like you haven't just had your brows done, just like they're neater, symmetrical and gorgeous. Shaping is achieved primarily with tweeze but gentle wax can be applied to "fuzzies" on the lid or for most of the shaping for the tweezer-intolerant. Feel like you have no brows to work with? You might be surprised. We can always tint them to give the optical illusion of fullness and fill in sparse, sun-bleached or grey areas. Plus, you can even try temporary brow extensions to fill in gaps and add bulk! Anything is possible!!! Come to BE, believe in brow magic. Schedule HERE 


Have you ever suspected that most skin care products are just overpriced snake oil? Had to convince yourself that something is working and that you didn't waste your money? Had an allergic or otherwise unfavorable reaction to products? Here, we use science to get your skin on track. That means the latest research about what works and what doesn't, plus reasonable prices for products that provide a visible improvement in a short amount of time so you don't have to just wonder. Also, everything is 100% returnable if you don't love it, no matter how much you've used or how long. You can also schedule a complete assessment of your current routine and get skin care treatments suited exactly to you. Schedule HERE 


Have you ever had your makeup done and slunk away in embarrassment? If so, maybe it was because you felt like you were wearing a mask or looked like a version of yourself you absolutely didn't recognize (in a bad way). Here it's all about making you feel like the best version of yourself, and being realistic about what you'll be able to achieve at home with ease and efficiency! Also, about your skin breathing and glowing, not looking caked with makeup. Natural, bold, artistic or subtle, any look you want is yours, within the context of makeup lessons, special event makeup or even just a quick free consult. Schedule HERE


Have you ever had lash extensions done and felt like it looked outrageously obvious they weren't real?? Come in for a subtler, more realistic version, what we call Accent Lashes. You will love them! Schedule HERE 


Want a cute profile photo for business or just fun? Come see what's possible. Get your brows and makeup done then get the cutest photo of you you've ever seen. We'll erase all the ones you hate and you'll be left with some great options for posting online or printing. Schedule HERE


Rebecca Toms provides fabulous cuts and color, and although she's pretty booked and may not be taking new clients right now, she is a great resource for hair advice and can be reached at 919-413-1829