BE Skin Care User Guide

Doing things in the right order and in the right way helps you get the best results from your routine! We hope this guide helps!

STEP 1 AM + PM: Cleansing Gel

Our cleansing gel removes dirt, oil and makeup effectively yet gently, leaving your face feeling completely refreshed but not “tight.” We suggest using it first thing in the morning and as the first step in your evening cleansing routine. Sometimes it’s difficult to go through an entire skincare routine right before bed when you’re sleepy, so might we suggest your PM routine happen right when you get home and decide you’re not going out again? Before you get sleepy?? Always remember to use cool-to-tepid water when you cleanse your face. Contrary to popular myth, heat does not “open” pores! It just aggravates your skin, makes it redder, and interestingly, oilier (heat stimulates oil production). Your face likes to feel calm, and avoiding heat and aggressive scrubbing (this cleanser needs no washcloth to help it) will make your skin behave much better.

STEP 2 AM and/or PM: Glycolic Glow

This liquid exfoliant dissolves dead skin more gently and more effectively than a scrub. And since aggressive rubbing of the skin is not a great idea, a liquid exfoliant that does the job of dead skin cell dissolution for you is a better choice. Glycolic acid knows the difference between live and dead skin, and only gets the dead. You may feel a slight tingling, and this is normal. Glycolic acid also helps stimulate collagen production, leaving your face glowing, dewy and plumped. Most skin types can use this gentle formula twice daily. GG is safe to use in the under-eye area as well! Dissolving dead skin helps moisturizer to better penetrate. We suggest using a cotton pad so the dead skin can be swept away, but you may also just pump into your hands and apply to your face directly. You do not need to rinse this off unless you have very sensitive skin.

STEP 3 AM and/or PM: Smoothing Solution

Lactic acid, the active in this product, dissolves oil trapped inside the pore and helps prevent clogs from forming. Therefore, it’s a great product for skin types prone to breakouts, blackheads and milia (hard white bumps).  We suggest sweeping this product over areas prone to clogs, avoiding the eye area (since most people do not have enough oil to spare there). This product is also gentle enough for most skin types to use twice daily, but as it dissolves oil, drier skin types may prefer just once daily. Always pay attention to how your skin is behaving throughout the month and seasonally. You may need more or less of this product depending on how hormones, humidity and heat are affecting your oil production. A regular schedule of any active is what your skin prefers though, so make sure you’ve found that rhythm.

STEP 4 AM and/or PM: Moisture Serum

Most moisturizers contain wax, which is potentially pore-clogging. This unique formula contains a high concentration of water-binding and skin-firming hyaluronic acid in addition to humectant amino acids so your skin stays fresh and hydrated without being weighed down by wax and thickeners. Suitable for all skin types, it can be applied generously under the eyes and over the entire face and neck twice daily.

STEP 5 AM and/or PM: Five Factor Gel

Niacinamide is an active that’s well-tolerated by and suitable for all skin types. It has both anti-breakout and anti-aging properties, the results of which can be seen fairly quickly! The Five Factors include: 1) reduction of excess oil production inside the pore, resulting in smaller-looking pores; 2) reduction of inflammation and redness; 3) fading of red marks from past breakouts; 4) fading of hyperpigmentation from sun damage; and 5) smoothing of fine lines. Five Factor gel can be applied to the entire face after moisturizing (avoiding the under eye area) up to twice daily.

STEP 6 AM: A good fragrance-free SPF product

If you click above  (or if you've printed this, visit!) we have a list of great ones we’d recommend for you to try. No skin care routine is complete without SPF, since the day-in day-out exposure to UV rays is what ages and damages skin the most. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you can just wear it when you’re “in the sun.” UVA rays cut right through cloud cover, your windshield and water, and begin mutating skin cells within 20 seconds of exposure. When you’re using active ingredients like glycolic acid especially (because it reveals new fresh skin cells to the UV) it’s imperative you use a daily SPF product.

About the BE Product Line

Since 2003, Beauty Ethics has been about helping clients find the best, safest skin care products and makeup, as well as about teaching people how to create ideal routines that fit their particular goals, lifestyle and personality.

We’ve sold perfume-free and dye-free products for sensitive, breakout-prone and sun-damaged skin from the beginning, and our new product line continues in that tradition. What’s new and different about our BE brand is that we’ve aimed to streamline and beautify the products themselves. If a routine is easy and fun to do, better day-to-day skin follows!

In addition, we’ve removed plant extracts from our skin care formulations in order to better serve our sensitive clients. The ingredient lists contain just the essentials to achieve the results you’re seeking. Because our chemist is so knowledgeable about safety regulations and ingredient profiles, we can assure our clients that our line is in keeping with the latest research about skin and body health.

The positive feedback we’ve received so far has been very exciting! If you don’t absolutely love something though, as always, returns are accepted for a 100% refund, no matter how long you’ve used a product. Finally, thank you for your support and suggestions over the years, without which this line would have never been born! This is a line specially created for and with BE clients, and we couldn’t be happier to finally deliver it to you!

Our skin care products are cruelty-free, gluten-free, follow EU Cosmetic Directive Guidelines and contain

  • No Plant Allergens

  • No Fragrance

  • No Artificial Colors or Dyes

  • No Formaldehyde

  • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate


Meet our chemist!

Amanda Foxon-Hill is the genius behind our new product line. There’s nothing she doesn’t know or can’t figure out!

A professional cosmetic chemist for over 18 years, she not only helps companies with skin care formulations, she also teaches chemistry; consults with companies all over the world about best practices in stability testing and European Union standards compliance; and finally, she writes a well-regarded, peer-reviewed cosmetic chemistry blog ( We are so lucky to have found her!



A note about our packaging:

You’ll notice all of our full-size (“countertop”) products are in glass bottles! This reflects our commitment to reducing plastic in the environment. Our travel sizes are in plastic because traveling with glass can be dicey (except our 1 oz glass bottles, those should be fine). Please do not attempt to travel with our larger glass bottles! They will not do well, particularly once the pumps have been popped up.

Glass is easy and environmentally friendly to recycle (so please do that with our full size products), but plastic becomes less useable each time and is ruining the environment. That’s why we accept returns of plastic bottles and give you a quarter per bottle or 25 cents store credit! We will sterilize and reuse them so their impact on the environment is lessened. Thank you for helping us in our goal to reduce plastic usage and consumption!