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You're being scared into buying bad products

A friend recently asked me to recommend a good moisturizer that wasn't full of chemicals. I get asked this type of question a lot because who isn't distressed about the idea of "toxins" in the products we're using? The specter of cancer and other dis…
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You CAN wear color!

I play it safe with my makeup most days, even as I switch it up a little. I'm just a neutral kind of chick, and I embrace that. But there are days when I need a pop of color to lift my mood. But how do I do that without looking like high school me in…
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That's not the "No Makeup Look"!

I’m often vexed when I see tutorials for the “no makeup” look. I’m pretty strict with my interpretation of it, as in, I think if you’re going for it, GO FOR IT. Attempt the undetectable--or else why bother? If you’re adding visible shimmer, that’s no…
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