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Product Combinations for Combination Skin

It's always interesting to me when I meet someone with truly "dry skin." As in, they seriously don't produce much oil. They may have a few blackheads here and there but generally their skin is without the concerns most people have with say, t-zone oi…
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Lash extensions: Cons and Pros

I'll just start with the Cons right off the bat!:They aren't cheap. Accent lashes at our shop are $95, and a full set is $120. The first two days you want to avoid getting them wet, which is a hassle for some people And IS just on…
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The best way to exfoliate

Exfoliation--the right way--is the difference between having awesome-looking skin and "just okay-looking" skin. It's great to get dead skin off 1) so it doesn't clog your pores 2) so you don't have visible flakes and 3) so you don't look du…
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