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3 Mascara Woes + Their SOLUTIONS!:)

There are certain woes I (and clients have told me they also) have, and I'd like to go over them briefly. Then I will present to you solutions, and then your life will be better and eyes will be prettier. This is such a great blog, and I am so hel…
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Wake Up! Makeup

Happy Monday. It's rainy, and let's pretend you didn't sleep well. That's my constant burden. I slept okay last night for me, I guess, but I did have weird dreams. One particularly stressful thing where I was trying to return a drink dispenser to a f…
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Take a French Lesson: Sex Appeal is not synonymous with Youth

When I was studying in France, I lived in the apartment of a divorced woman in her mid-50's. She was cute, vivacious, loved her body and style, and had a really cool Corsican boyfriend who would come and bring her oranges and specialty cheeses from t…
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